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The Cowhide Rug adds Character and Utility to your Room

The Cowhide Rug adds Character and Utility to your Room

Finding décor for your space can always be a bit of a challenge, especially if you cannot find anything that properly matches. Of course, this can always be made a bit easier by going to prefab rugs, or even a cowhide rug which will serve to spice up your area in ways you have not even considered yet. Now we know what you’re thinking, a cowhide rug? How can that add anything?

Actually, how can you expect a cowhide rug to match furniture today? You might actually think of them as old fashioned, or perhaps excessively rustic. The truth is that cowhide rugs are a bit rustic, but that doesn’t mean they do not have a place in modern décor. In fact, they can add that little something that you didn’t even know you were missing. The only question, is where you are going to go about getting your cowhide rugs for sale. The most obvious trick, of course, would be to search online.

Finding a Cowhide Rug for Sale Online

It is much easier to find a cowhide rug than you would think. Your first instinct might be to visit a specialty store, and that is a great idea to find out just what you want, but you should really consider looking into wholesale options. The internet is a great place to turn for things of this nature simply because the stores have little overhead and massive amounts of stock. One thing you must consider is the fact that a typical brick and mortar store suffers from the problem of limited shelf space. The internet, on the other hand, allows a business to stock as much as their heart desires, meaning there are more cow hide rugs for sale online than anywhere else.

rustic cowhide rugs for sale

Sizes and colors

Your search for a rug will not necessarily be easy, especially if you want one that will accompany your current décor well. More often than not this remains to be seen until you actually have the rug in your possession and on the floor, but it is, of course possible to make relatively quick decisions on the spot if those decisions are well informed. For example, if your space is utilizing brighter colors that you might want to settle for the standard Holstein rug.

This is the most common type of hide rug and features the typical black/white spotted pattern that you see dotting the hills and valleys of North America. Then again, if you find that the room you are outfitting is of a more subdued nature then you might want to consider using what is known as a brindle cowhide, which will ultimately serve to give you the right aesthetic for the colors in you room.

One mistake people tend to make is believing that they absolutely have to place their cow hides on the floor. Yes, this is the most common type of placement, but that doesn’t mean you cannot hang yours on the wall of the room or even draped over a piece of furniture. Wherever you need to hang your hide, it will give the room more than its fair share of radiance. That being said, the cow hide is without a doubt one of the greatest additions to any room. It could be your living room, your office, the foot of your stairs or even your bedroom. Wherever it is, a cowhide is more than sufficient to provide the character you need.

We have  massive selection of great cowhides just for you, so now would be great time to start going through them and decide what’s going to work in your room. Remember, it doesn’t matter if you’re running a modern setting, post-modern, or even antique, there’s something out there for you to use and a room for you to design. The cow hide, is just at the base of it.

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