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Cowhide Rugs Wholesale Cowhides For Sale

Cowhide Rugs Wholesale Cowhides For Sale

Decorating with Wholesale Cowhides

In virtually any area inside a home or office you will probably see a rug, even if the space in question already has carpet. It might seem a little redundant at first, but if you think about it, rugs actually serve a number of different important purposes. For example, they help to keep the carpet underneath clean, and they will help with noise reduction in certain environments.

Area rugs can come in many different shapes, sizes, and designs, making them a very important part of everyday life, especially if you are an interior designer. Then again, you might just be someone looking for an outstanding aesthetic solution for your space, and an area rug can offer many different types of options.

The design diversity alone makes area rugs desirable for virtually anyone! When you are shopping for area rugs there are plenty that you should consider, of course, but you should also think about placing a cowhide rug somewhere in your space. Wholesale cowhides for sale are understandably popular, and they will net you plenty of benefits.

Why Cowhides?

We know what you’re thinking. You have a modern space and you can’t see how wholesale cowhides would really compliment the décor. Believe it or not, there are more than a few people out there who have installed cow hide in their ‘modern’ space, and it has actually turned out quite nicely.

There are plenty of benefits to cow hide, and sometimes it just happens to be the little touch you need to bring your ultra-modern space back to reality. In addition to just being a pretty thing to look at, these are rugs are highly functional and extremely easy to clean, making them a great choice for virtually anyone.

Types of Cowhides

Because there are many different types of cows, there are obviously many different types of cowhides for you to consider using. Let’s take a look at a few different types that you might consider using for your space:

Holstein: When people think of cows or even cow hides, they are usually thinking of the Holstein cow, which is the most common, obviously. These are the types of cows that you will see dotting the fields and grazing on grass. They are the black and white spotted cows, and they make and outstanding rug for those who are so inclined. These rugs go great with rooms of the same color, as well as those that include a bit of yellow in their color scheme.

Salt and Pepper: On light floor coloring, the salt and pepper hide can actually provide a fantastic look, and it can even provide a little bit of drama. As you might expect, it is a bit more dense than the Holstein, and would be better placed in a room that is busier, if you catch our drift.

Solid Color: If you aren’t interested in any of the more exotic or ‘standard’ types of rug, then you might be interested in a solid color. These can come in any number of colors and shades, though you will normally see them in black, white or ground. These solid cowhide rugs simply add shape and texture to a room, giving you more decorating options, or allowing you to finish off a space that just needed that special ‘something’.

Cowhide rugs are an outstanding addition to any room as you will find, and even if you aren’t interested in that ‘down home’ or ‘folksy’ look, you will quickly discover that cow hide rugs are timeless, and no matter what your proposed application, they will certainly fill the void. There are plenty of wholesale dealers out there today, ensuring that you can get the rug you need at a price you can afford. Start looking and start decorating. Your space desperately needs one!


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