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The Most Luxurious Cow Hides

Finding something unique and different to spice up your décor is sometimes very difficult. The same old things seem to be in every furniture store and specialty store you search. Everyone’s home seem to be filled with very similar rugs and pillows, and finding that special something that will liven up a dull room seems to evade even the best home designer.

Searching the web for treasures has become the popular activity for most people, because gas prices have made it very troublesome to take a random trip to any kind of specialty store that has something stylish and updated. Choosing the right company that has the best products for the right price will be the next dilemma. We are so happy to be your top choice for cow hides for sale online.

the most luxurious cow hides

Here at Luxury Cowhides, we are bursting with the style and fashion that you’ve been searching for. Our cow hides come in a variety of shapes and colors that will absolutely fit into your décor. The great thing is that you can order from us online from the comforts of your own home. Come to and discover what we have to offer you.

Each cow hide that we display online is the actual piece that will arrive at your home, so there will be no surprises in the shape or color. Each detail of the cow hide is carefully photographed so that it will come alive and inspire you in how to display it in your own home. If you click on the piece you like, it will zoom into the small details so that you will see how unique it is. The actual size of each piece is carefully noted as well as the minor details.

What to expect from a cow hide

We at Luxury Cowhides only offer the best high quality hides that money can buy. Each of our hair on cowhides is tanned and handpicked. Our one of a kind cow hides are produced from the best tanneries in South America. Expect to receive a cow hide with a natural sheen with soft lush hair and natural bovine leather. Our product is 100% genuine cowhide, and will have that slight natural leathery smell.

Our hides are so soft that we also produce pillows for your decor as well. They are covered with the hair on one side and covered in the bovine leather on the other side with a hidden zipper closure. No one pillow is the same and will surely add some style and elegance to any room.

We also carry printed cow hides and pillows, which means that we have imprinted other animal print designs on our cow hides with special dyes. These lovely designs will give our customers more to choose from when making a decision on their style and taste in cow hides.  

We put the luxury in Luxury Cowhides

It is clear that our cow hides are the most luxurious cow hides to be found online. There may be other companies that offer cow hides, but we consider ourselves to be the best because of our high quality and attention to detail. We also value our customers and keep a close eye on what they are in need of. We keep our prices as low as possible and take in consideration that our customers want quality at a respectable price. We are located in Miami Florida, but will ship all over the United States as well as internationally.

So no matter where you are, you have the option of adding our beautiful exotic cow hides to your home or office anywhere in the world. To be able to share such a great product with people all over the world, at such an affordable price, has made us the number one company to do business with online in our opinion.

If you have any questions or concerns about our products, please feel free to contact our customer service staff and someone will be happy to help you. We put our customers first and provide excellent service at all times.


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