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Exotic Spotted Goatskin

Original price $49.00 - Original price $59.00
Original price
$49.00 - $59.00
Current price $49.00
Size: 2 X 3'
Color: Black
Style: Spotted


Approx Size:

  • LARGE: 2-2.5 X 2.5-3'
  • X-LARGE: 2.5-3 X 3-4'

      Backing - Natural Suede Leather

      Shipping - Free Standard Shipping (Handling Time: 1 - 2 Business Days)

      Please expect any little variation in size, color or pattern.

      Please notice you may find little marks, scars or brandings on the COWHIDE as we sell GOATSKINS.

      Pictures in this listing are just sample pictures. However, our GOATSKINS are very similar to the sample pictures. 

      Feel free to contact us for any further information, our CUSTOMER SERVICE TEAM would be glad to assist you!