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Add a Unique Piece to Your Home with Cowhide Rugs for Sale Online

Your home is a representation of your personality. When you have guests in your home, you are presenting yourself in an unspoken way through your decor. Perhaps you use your home for business purposes, entertaining, or as the gathering place for extended family functions. Impressions do count, whether they are subtle or bold.

So when you make a decor purchase for your home, you are adding an impression of your personality to it. This is why you should consider our unique cowhide rugs for sale online. At Luxury Cowhides, our rugs are sure to impress and dress your home with style, character, and pattern that are second to none. Our hides are soft and versatile, and make a gorgeous investment. 

Visit Our Cowhide Rugs Store for a Variety of Designs and Options

At Luxury Cowhides, we pride ourselves in offering friendly customer service with a smile. You can browse our cowhide rugs for sale online or visit our storefront location in Miami, Florida. We want to help you choose the best option for your needs. Whether you need something special for your home or a gift for a discerning relative or business partner, we've got you covered. Don't hesitate to tell us your story so we can find the best product to meet your needs. Our skilled associates are willing and able to assist you. We offer a unique solution at our cowhide rugs store. Our cowhides have been hand selected from the finest tanneries in South America to offer you a natural product that is glowing in quality.

They are meticulously hand chosen by our experts, and are carefully handled every step of the way from the tannery, to our store, and finally, our customers. We offer a wide variety of designs and prints. Perhaps an all natural hide is the finishing touch to your entryway that you've been searching for. Or a soft, sleek print adds a bold drape across your favorite chaise lounge. If you are looking for an even more exotic touch, the feel and versatility of a cowhide is a cost effective alternative to an exotic game hide. We can imprint any cowhide with jaguar, cheetah, zebra, and other amazing exotic prints that will look great in home, business, and even industrial settings. In addition to rugs, we offer a wide selection of handbags and pillows that make great gifts for your friends, family, and associates. 

unique cowhide rugs for sale online

Our Cowhide Rugs for Sale are a 100% Recycled Product

We are proud to offer a product that is both 100% recycled and environmentally friendly.  It is our goal to offer a unique, affordable luxury in a way that utilizes a whole animal approach. We utilize pieces which would be otherwise vainly wasted through industrial processes and instead we are able to care for and appreciate these unique articles in a way that lasts for years to come.

Our designs and print processes are both durable and environmentally friendly. At Luxury Cowhides, we've passed strict ISO-9001 and ISO-14001 standards for quality and low environmental impact certification. So consider our cowhide rugs for sale. We believe you will be satisfied with their luxurious quality and texture! 

Order Your Luxurious Cowhide Rug in time for the holidays! 

Each of our unique cowhides are categorized and photographed to track their movement to and from our skilled team of associates. When you order a cowhide rug for sale online you are making a quality purchase that lasts. Our rugs are durable and can be handed down for generations to follow as unique heirlooms. Natural wear and tear can occur on even the most beloved household items.

So if you have any questions on how to care for your rug, please don't hesitate to ask our helpful staff. We can offer suggestions on placement, care, and future purchases. We want you to feel confident in your purchase, which is why the cowhide in our online store is the exact cowhide you will receive in hand via our multiple shipping options. We offer expedited shipping and fast turnaround time on orders so that you get your product quickly and safely.