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The Best Quality Cowhides For Sale

Understanding cow hides for the love of design

In the world of design, creating a unique display of beauty and comfort is very competitive and sometimes difficult. The designer has to keep in consideration of what the client wants, and sometimes that clashes with the latest fashions.

They both have to collaborate on what will fit the client’s personality and taste, yet still keep with the latest style. There is also the problem of finding the materials that are needed to create the special look that is being designed.

Many furniture stores and specialty stores are under stocked because of space, and will not carry their entire inventory on the premises. That will cause delays and waiting for shipments to be delivered and processed, which could mean having a longer wait for the design to be completed.

the best quality cowhides for sale


Luxury Cowhides have the inventory and the staff to make sure that the products that are needed will be in stock and delivered as promised. Our staff is always available to answer any questions anyone may have and to handle any special services that our customers may require.

The natural way

Having something earthy and natural in the home is very grounding and comforting. Sometimes it will bring together a feeling that cannot be created any other way. A cow hide is a natural hair and unbleached skin of a cow that has been preserved and cared for after the actual cow has passed away.

Many Native Americans and western settlers have used cow hides for centuries for their clothing, to create their homes for their families, and for protection from the harsh weather. Cow hides became a staple for our ancestors who knew how to survive on barley nothing.

Native Americans knew the value of life and used every part of the animal that was sacrificed for food, clothing and shelter. So it is only natural that in today’s world we continue that tradition of using cow hides for our own needs and comforts. That is why Luxury Cowhides make a big effort to provide only the best quality cowhides for sale to our customers.

Giving our clients a bit of history on the product we offer does help in understanding cow hides and why they are so popular. Our exotic cow hides that we have for sale online have each been hand picket and inspected for its natural qualities and beauty. We know that our product will serve you well and bring comfort and joy to your establishment.

Our collections

Not only do we sale rugs and pillows, but we also sale bags and metallic cow hides as well. Our beautiful bags have a mixture of leather and cowhide hair. They are unique and spacious and very usable in everyday life. They will each express your excellent taste and style as you carry them throughout your day.

exotic cow hidesTheir beauty will have people talking and asking you “Where on earth did you get that!” Our notebook carriers are just the thing to catch anyone’s eye. We love them because of their sleek style and practical uses. We even have tablet pouches that are pretty stylish and eye catching, which will give your ipad something to smile about.

Our metallic cow hides are enhanced with silver or gold specs, which give the hides a nostalgic look. They would bring a totally different feel to an eclectic room. Some of the hides have been dyed with other colors and accented with silver or gold. They are 100% natural Brazil quality.

No matter what type of cow hide you choose from our collection, it will do the job of creating a special presentation for you and your home. Using it outside of the home is where the problems may began, because there will be a line forming nearby to get your autograph or at least to ask for a referral. But seriously, we at Luxury Cowhides are very proud of our fine products and look forward to doing business with you, and making your life a bit more stylish and exotic.