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The Best Exotic Cowhide Rug

There is nothing quite like having a beautiful cow hide in your home; anyone who has ever owned one can certainly confirm that. There are many different types of hide rugs that you can consider using for your home, and many different designs that might actually mesh with your current setup. The trick, however, is to find one that that fits your décor by choosing among the thousands of different options available to you. The one important thing to remember however is that while there are many options, they may not necessarily be available to you in the typical brick and mortar store. When you are dealing with a brick and mortar, it is important to understand that they might not have all the stock that their internet based counterparts are privy to. Though a cowhide rug does not take up much shelf space, there is still only so much room in a typical store. Online, however, the store front is electronic, and literally thousands of different rug types for your consideration. You have a lot of things to think about when it comes to outfitting your home, especially if you want to find something that matches your current décor. Exotics differ from typical cow hide rugs in that they can encompass virtually any design. Let’s discuss a few, and eventually you will be able to decide which rug works best for your situation.

Finding a good Exotic Cowhide Rug 

These exotic hides come in color combinations that you might not typically see in nature. For example, you will find some hides that feature three to four different colors as opposed to the normal two. In addition to displaying a number of different colors, exotic cow hides are often stitched together in a patchwork tile fashion, giving of the appearance of a square rug rather than the typical hide shape. This type of patchwork does not need to be symmetrical, at least not so far as the pattern is concerned, but instead can be created as more of a collage. In addition to allowing for a collage, you will also find, quite frequently, that cowhide rugs actually look great as off white or solid black, especially if they are to be formed into the patchwork fashion. In the end however, the style you choose will depend upon your tastes as well as the type of room you are outfitting.

Choosing a Size for your Rug

The cow hide rug that you opt for can encompass many different shapes and sizes. For example, the smaller size is cheap but covers less area. At the same time, that smaller coverage could be perfect for a couch, chair, or even to decorate a small reading area. The choices are virtually endless! You don’t always need the largest cow hide to accent an area in your home or office.

When you look at the website you will find a number of different size options to choose from. Large, medium, small, and in some cases extra large. It all depends on what you need and what it is that you are trying to cover. Cow hides are a great choice for decoration, so make sure you consider them on your next remodel, or the next time you simply feel like throwing something new and unique into the equation. Remodeling or redecorating can be hard work, but cow hides do at least half the work for you!