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The Best Cow Hides For Sale Online

Cowhides For Sale Online

Your home is beautiful as it is, your exquisite furniture and delicate items displayed throughout your house brings together your taste for elegance, but we sell something that can help you further that elegant taste. At Luxury Cowhides, we provide the best cow hides for sale online, luxurious, durable and in our store in Miami Florida. We are driven to meet your luxury needs and make sure that you’re satisfied with your purchase. 
All our hides and rugs are specially chosen from tanneries in South America and are one hundred percent Brazilian cowhides. We create exotic patterns in cowhides, rugs, bags, and pillows that can be browsed and purchased online. Your home is asking for more decorations, specifically a floor decoration that will truly bring that room of choice to life. Spice up the bedroom with a cowhide on the floor, draped over the bed or add on cowhide pillows.
Cozy up a living room by adding warm natural rugged colors to the hard wood flooring under a coffee table or off to the side to add texture. Soften a room by adding light colored hides to dark flooring or adding a natural hide to a room with sharp edges and a modernized look. Bring a soothing setting outside by adding a cowhide amongst cushioned seating under a carport, gazebo, or even between elegant pool lounge chairs. A cowhide can simply go anywhere, even if you don’t think it will. 
The best cow hides for sale online

Our Website

We carry various different cowhides on our site where you can browse and select a cowhide of your choice. We have animal printed cowhides of various colors and prints. There are black zebra stripes printed on off white hides, beige zebra stripes printed on off white hides, black zebra stripes with spine printed on light beige hides, brown zebra stripes with spine printed on light beige hides, tiger stripes printed on caramel hides, jaguar spots printed on caramel hides, cheetah spots printed on caramel hides, and giraffe spots printed on caramel hides. 
We have about one hundred and twenty nine natural cowhides to offer you; they vary from different shades of black, brown, and off white. Our Devore metallic hides are very spectacular; there are four options to choose from. First we have Devore metallic silver on off white cowhides, then Devore metallic gold on off white cowhides, next Devore metallic gold on black cowhides, and lastly Devore metallic silver on red cowhides. Our selection of designer rugs consists of five different rug styles: brown and white, degrade brindle, natural off white, Palomino, and Palomino and white.
animal printed cowhidesCowhide pillows are a wonderful addition to the bedroom; we have cowhide natural and printed pillows. In case you wanted to walk around and show off your luxurious cowhides in public we’ve designed cowhide and leather bags including a duffle bag, notebook carrier, sport backpack, sport shoulder bag, and a tablet pouch. We know you like to carry your things and we’ve created opulent carriers for your precious items. 
We are Luxury Cowhides and we are bringing high quality Brazilian hair on luxury cowhides to you and your lifestyle. These hides allow us to give you comfort in your home as well as beauty and stylish taste for everyone to see and relish in. You and anyone you invite over will love these cowhides, rugs, or bags as much as we love to please our customers. Every item that we sell is photographed and ready for you to purchase; your item will not look any different than the photo except possible color variations depending on your computer’s color settings.
Do not worry; the photograph of the hide chosen is the hide you will get. We delight in pleasing our customers by giving you the best prices for cowhides up on the market. Give us a call for any questions you may have or if anything is not clear on our website, we are eager and happy to help in any way you need us. Browse through our selection of photos for a better idea of what you could be purchasing or an idea of where to place your new cowhides even after purchase. We want to give you the best because you deserve the best.