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Textured cow hides for sale online


If you are looking to spice up your home then take a look at our selection of cow hides. Our selection of cow hides for sale online come in different colors and prints. We buy our cow hides from selected suppliers who use high quality tanning solutions that leave it soft and smooth. Some of the recommended areas for setting up cow hides can be living room, dining area and even the hallway. Our cow hides are easy to clean and care for; all you need to clean the cow hide is soap and water.


How to choose cowhide

Cowhides come in different colors and patterns. Bold colors contrast with simple designed home areas. Cowhides give a home character and enhance the décor of the house leaving it looking eclectic. High quality and well tanned cowhides last a lifetime. Buy our cowhides for sale online and get the best quality of soft smooth cow hides. They are suited for high traffic areas and can easily be set to give the room a nice unique look.

If your home is made of hard wood then bright colored cow hides will leave your home looking great. The best thing about our collection of cow hide is that you can easily combine different textures in the room. If you have soft velvet type furniture then you can easily use cow hides to contrast it and it looks perfect. Antique décor and modern furniture will soften the harsh lines giving it a bold look.

We understand that finding authentic tiger or zebra stripped rugs can be expensive. We customize our cowhides by dying them to fit perfectly with your home. At luxury cowhides we understand what color means and that is why we have a collection of colors to choose from. When you buy cow hides from our stores we give you a step by step guide on product care.


Textured cow hides for sale online

Where to buy cow hides on sale

Finding the perfect rug for your home is a daunting task for many people. Online cow hide stores are opening up each and every day promising high quality rugs. You can never be too careful while checking out such sites. Use search engines to find stores located in your area, customer reviews from are one of the ways to gauge quality of cow hides. Our online store is a great place to start looking for cow hides from different suppliers around the world. Our online store has a selection of cow hides will blend perfectly in your home. Get one today by using our customized search to learn more about the product. We also have cow hide accessories that go hand in hand with cow hide rugs in your home. Check out our listing for a detailed description of our products and their origin.

Cowhides are gaining in popularity each day making décor a new and exciting experience. Cow hides are perfect for decorating a new home; they give the home a bold look. at luxury cow hides we take out time to understand what your needs are and supply you with the best. Cow hides are natural and come in tan, black or brown. Our cow hides are tanned and dyed at source, with different colors and patterns. To make it easier to choose the colors we have a number of color codes to get you close to your shade. Take a look at our listings and different textured cowhides for the perfect home finish. We sell cow hides are affordable prices depending on the size from the largest to the smallest. For whatever space contact luxury cowhide for high quality cow hides for sale.