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Natural Cowhide Rugs

The dynamics of cow hide rugs

Most common rugs are very high maintenance and require smelly chemicals and machines to keep them looking clean and renewed. The added cost to keeping floor rugs clean can be extremely pricy and irritating. Depending on the floor traffic and color of the rug, it could mean that it would have to be professionally clean periodically.

Natural cowhide rugs are just the opposite. They are very low maintenance and simple to keep clean. If there is a stain to clean, only use a damp cloth and mild soap to wipe it up, and use a vacuum cleaner to keep it tidy. No need for expensive chemicals or professional cleaners.

That is only one of the many dynamic qualities that our cowhide rugs possess. So if the search for something beautiful and low maintenance to cover your floors has become a tiring mystery, then the answer has been revealed. Luxury Cowhides is the place to find exotic cowhides that will make your floors the talk of the town.

Natural cowhide rugs

The versatile world of cowhide rugs

It goes without saying that cowhides make a great rug for the floors in the home, but what about outside of the home? Having something unique and dramatic in an office promotes status and makes an official statement. A cowhide rug on the office floor or even on the wall will make a grand presentation.

Sometimes a room is so big that there is a need for a divider to create interesting spaces. Try hanging a cowhide rug vertically from the ceiling and a new wall or door is magically created. Apply rollers and a track to the ceiling with the rug attached will create a sliding door. It is simple, clever, and something that anyone can do with a few tools and time.

The beach may be a pretty wild place to see a cowhide rug, but using it to lie on is much more stable and softer than an old soggy beach towel. Have a picnic at the beach or the park and take along a stylish cowhide rug, and enjoy the comfort and relaxation. Imagine how great it would be to have one at an outdoor concert.

For a memorable send off during a funeral, it can be used as a casket pall. Drape the cowhide rug over the casket instead of flowers for a very unique tribute to the deceased. This striking display would fit right into a westerner’s taste and style. What a wonderful display of love and warmth this would be for family and friends.

How will you use our cowhides?

In the world of a cow hide, its uses are unlimited and abound beyond our own thinking.

We would love to know what amusing ways our customers will use their cowhide rug for. Please feel free to email us and tell us all about how our cowhides have touched your life. We at Luxury Cowhides find it to be very inspiring and uplifting to know that our customers are using our cowhide rugs for things that make them happy and joyful. It is a testament to good customer service, when our cowhides evoke positive outcomes that seem to cross over to others. 

stylish cowhide rugWe just may create a testimonial page on our website and share all of the amazing comments, so that people all around the world can see just how well our products fit into everyone’s daily lives. We know that there are some ideas that we have not thought of yet, so it will be exciting to discover how the minds of our customers work.

We would like to thank all of our customers and future customers in advance for all of the patronage and love for our cowhides. If it wasn’t for you Luxury Cowhides would not be here proudly serving you on a daily basis and loving it. is the one and only place to find our style of exotic cowhide rugs that will reinvent your world and add style to your class.