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Luxury Cowhide Rugs

Using natural materials in home décor is hot right now, and luxury cowhides make a bold statement.  Dramatic natural coloring in black and brown and golden, or subdued beige and tan cowhide rugs add a focal point to your rooms.  Cowhide is versatile and durable; it stands up to foot and pet traffic better than almost any other floor covering, and it’s easy to clean.

Design Beyond Ordinary

A luxury cowhide rug can be used many ways.  You can use it as a focal point in your design, such as the Herford Exotic rug, or the Longhorn Brown rug.  Place the rug in front of a fireplace with two wing chairs on an angle (towards the fire, turned slightly towards each other) as a cozy conversation area.  Chair fabric can be neutral, to allow the rug to be the star, or continue the animal theme with faux zebra, or add more southwest flare with leather or suede accented with nail head studs. 

A perfect place for a cowhide rug is under your dining table.  Since cowhide naturally resists stains and spills, this is an excellent location and adds warmth to the space.  Pair with a log table and chairs for a rustic feel, go with a modern design with a black table, or with a trestle table and benches. 

As a complement to rich wood floors, try a cowhide in brown and white, pared with black and white décor, as a contrast.  If you prefer a symmetrical shape, versus the natural shape of cowhide, you can use a patchwork cowhide rug instead. 

Use a cowhide rug in the bathroom for its softness underfoot.  A multicolored rug can be used with an all white color scheme, or vice versa, use a neutral color rug with more colorful shower curtain and accessories. 

luxury cowhide rugs

Colors as Bold as Nature

The variations available will surprise you.  With dozens of patterns to choose from, there is one for every application.  The patterns available are as varied as the patterns seen in nature, and no two are alike, so you can be sure that your cowhide will be completely unique – no one will have one just like yours.  The cowhide rugs pictured on our site is the exact rug you will receive.  This makes it easy to choose exactly the rug you want for your décor.   

Get Up Off the Floor

Of course, not all rugs have to be on the floor.  There are many different and unique uses for a cowhide rug that don’t involve the floor.  Drape one over the back or seat of the sofa.  The hair on cowhide is soft, and the back is natural suede, soft enough to be used as a throw on your lap to ward off the winter chill

Drape it over an ottoman or bench for a warm, soft place to sit.  This can be used in any room of the house – the living room or den, bedroom or mud room.  Natural materials blend naturally into any décor.

Brazilian cowhides are works of art, so why not hang one on the wall as an art piece?  A cowhide makes a beautiful back drop.  Hang one behind your bed as a headboard; it makes a striking display and draws the eye immediately to it.  This is one headboard that won’t be easily forgotten.  For added warmth, drape one across the end of the bed and use like an extra blanket on chilly nights.  Cowhide holds in body heat naturally. 

Be Your Own Designer

Once you begin to think about all the uses for luxury cowhide rugs, you will begin to see the possibilities for use in your space.  Browse our website to see all the available patterns and colors.  Check out our gallery to see what others have done to begin to imagine what you can do and create.  The only limits are the limits of your imagination.  What will you create?