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Luxury Cow Hide Rugs


Are you in the middle of redecorating and you are stuck with how to take your dull floor and make it stand out? Rugs are always a great option to cover older floor or even bring some flare to new updated floor. The problem is you do not want just any rug. You want to stand out, make the rug a center piece for your living room, bathroom or kitchen so when your guests walk in their eye goes right to it. A cow hide rug is a fantastic option. Luxury Cow Hides is a company that takes cow hides and creates masterpieces and works of art, they also change them up from what you typically see. The unique square look takes the beautiful natural cow pattern and places it in a systematic way breaking up the natural pattern. Your guest will be in awe over your choice in décor. Blocking the cow hide out in the innovative square patterns also allows for you to have a rug with straight lines as opposed to the natural curvy look of a cow hide.


Luxury Cow Hide Rugs



Cow hides in different sizes

It does not matter if you have a large room to create or a small room our cow hide rugs come in many sizes ranging from, four by six all the up to nine by eleven. This Allows for you to have a cow hide rug in just about any size space. Imagine the feel under your feet when you swing your legs over your bed after a restful night sleep and instead of hitting the cold ground they land on this soft luxury rug. Not only will it keep your toes from freezing it could perhaps even make your early wake up time exciting. The rugs are sturdy and durable which helps keep them in place at the foot of your bed or the side of your bed. Bringing in one of these rugs for room decor can bring a rustic modern touch to any theme.  You may have a hard time stopping your pets from making a bed out of it.



Great for any theme

A lot of people think a cow hide rug is for a farm look or a country style, but that is just not the case with our rugs at Luxury Cow Hides. They come in a variety of colors, patterns and styles leaving your options open to any creative look you are going for in your home. Laying a light cream centered rug with white outer sides in the middle of a living room to rest a glass table on will create a soft stylish space for you and your family to relax in. The rugs bring pattern to a floor which is usually what floors lack. Rugs are made to keep the floor safe, allow it to keep the home warmer on cold days and often to bring a sense of style accenting the rest of the decor. With our rugs you will want to design the décor around them. Whether it is an office space you want to bring a masculine touch to and have not found the right rug or flooring, or  a large kitchen with plain flooring that you want to revamp with some pattern and color, or even a cold family movie theater you want to jazz up we have exactly what you are looking for. Do not count out these amazing rugs because you do not think they will fit or they are not for you. Come check them out before you make that decision. Allow your mind to run as you look at the different styles and colors so you can realize just how versatile these rugs are.