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Looking For A Cow Hide Rugs Store?

Let's face it: nothing looks classier in the living room of your ranch, vacation home, or regular house than a rug made from cow hides. You can choose a cow hide rug in any color- whether it's white, brindle, gold, or dark brown- that adds a pop of texture and class to the room. For those living in the Midwest, Texas, or any area considered cattle country, it's nice to have a reminder of your location through a durable cow hide rug that your guests are sure to admire.

You don't have to journey to the heart of Texas to find exotic cow hides for sale. You can order a custom rug from the Internet if you're searching for a piece of memorabilia from childhood or a particularly great vacation. Likewise, you don't even need to hail from cattle country to buy a cow hide rug. You just need to have good taste and an eye for design.

find a cow hide rugs store

Finding A Cow Hide Rugs Store

Nowadays, you don't have to flip through the Yellow Pages or even take a vacation to Texas to find quality cow hide rugs. You can simply log on to your computer and search through Google. This will allow you to peruse a huge selection of cow hide rugs for sale online.

You'll want to find a reputable dealer of cow hide products. Not just any cow can provide you with rug quality. You'll need to find a store that can photograph the exact product, and not just show you a stock photo, so that you know exactly what you're getting. You'll want a dealer who handpicks the rugs for quality instead of ordering them in bulk.

Lastly, you want a cow hide rug that looks individual. If Target mass-produced a bunch of faux cow hide rugs a few years ago, you don't want a rug that looks like you bought it along with everyone else. When you're choosing a cow hide rugs store, make sure they can provide you with a unique product that doesn't look like everyone else's rug.            

Buying Cow Hide Rugs For Sale Online

While they're definitely worth the price, cow hide rugs can be expensive. You'll want to find one that's hopefully on sale. When you find a cow hide rugs store, ask if they offer discounts or promote seasonal sales. Unless you're really in a rush to get your rug, you can wait a few weeks until the item gets marked down.

Thankfully, cow hide rugs- while not as cheap as a plain area rug from your local big box store- aren't super pricey. You can find cow hide rugs for sale online ranging from $249 to $399. There are designer rugs, which run a little cheaper; they're usually made from patched parts of cow hides. And then there are the actual cow hide rugs that most people think of, which cost a little under $400.

Before you buy your cow hide rug, you'll want to think about what color would fit your needs best. If you have a dark hardwood floor, you may want a lighter color rug. If you have light floors, consider a darker brindle or brown. The gold color works with either option. It's currently popular to spread white cow hide rugs over white floors, although that's a fairly new trend.

You could also match your cow hide rug color to your furniture. If you have primarily white furniture, a white cow hide rug would complement it nicely while adding a softening pop of texture. Likewise, darker furniture would benefit from a slightly darker brindle, brown, or gold rug. Designers typically emphasize light and airiness in rooms, and the lighter-colored rugs are often favored.

Ordering From A Cow Hide Rugs Store

If you're on the fence about what type of rug to get, you can always speak to a specialist at the company directly. They can advise you on which rugs typically look better with different types of furniture and decor. Hopefully some of these cow hide rugs will be for sale online, which can always sway your decision. But once you've spoken to an employee and received a consult, you can order your brand new cow hide rug and spice up your living area.