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Gorgeous Cowhide Rugs

Cow Hide Rug for Sale Online

Most homes today are filled with the same type of décor that can be easily found in the local area. Keeping things plain and simple seem to be the only option for many home owners. In today’s world there are no limitations on what amazing things that can be found for the home, thanks to the internet.

One thing that will add spice and style to a home is a cow hide rug. This type of rug may be difficult to find in many local furniture stores or basic rug stores, but there is a way to purchase gorgeous cowhide rugs and have them delivered to your door. Just look for a cow hide rug for sale online and experience a new look and mood that will take hold of any room. Luxury Cowhides at  is the online store that will provide the ultimate cow hide rug for your décor.

gorgeous cowhide rugs

The many uses of a cow hide rug

Cow hide rugs can be very useful in a variety of ways. Not only can they be placed on the floor, but they can be diverse and flexible and go beyond any ordinary rug. We have decided to inspire our customers by listing a multitude of things that can be done with a cow hide rug. Here are just a few that comes to mind.

Table setting

For an elegant dinner that will get people talking, place a cow hide on the table and accent it with candles and fine crystal. It will be quite unique and soothing to the eye. Add natural things like leaves and branches to create a lovely fall theme.

Wall hanging

For some unusual art on display, try hanging a rug on the wall. Its shape and design will capture the attention of most people who will look upon it. Each rug come in its own shape and color patter, and no two rugs are alike. They have even been displayed in picture frames and the effect is breathtaking.


A Cow hide thrown over a sofa or chair makes a grand presentation in any room. Use it to cover up those unsightly stains and imperfections. If you have an unusual shaped window, as some of us do, the rug could be used as a curtain or shade to block out the sun.

Bedroom décor

To create a unique headboard, throw a cow hide over it and design the rest of the room to match the patterns and shapes of the cow hide. This will make the room even more cozy and warm.

Bathroom décor

Add a cowhide rug to a bathroom floor and enjoy the warmth and style that it will bring to the place. The natural quality of the cow hide endures well in a damp environment, so have no fear putting it in the bathroom. One Cow hide rug could even be used as a robe to cover you when you are done with your bath.

Ceiling fixture

Cow hide rugsThis may sound a bit crazy, but a cow hide would look great on the ceiling. For those man caves that need a bit of culture, use a cow hide to create that men-only environment. Cover up those unusual holes and areas in the basement that seem to be unfixable.

These are only a few ideas that we think are pretty dynamic and easy to do. Having a designer to come into the home is pricy, and if you can create that special look yourself and save money doing it, then that would be all the better. Allow us at Luxury Cowhides to point you in the right direction and give you a head start on your home design.

Our staff is here to help in any way that is necessary and deliver on our promise of quality and luxury cow hides. Please feel free to email us or call during our regular business hours so we can serve you and assist with your online purchase.