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Fine Quality Cowhide Rugs For Sale Online

Exotic Cow Hide Rugs for Sale

The world has changed so much over the centuries. There was a time when one could drive to the store and purchase only the products that were in the actual store. If the item was out of stock, making a special order would take weeks to arrive in the store, and then making another drive to pick up that special order would require more gas and energy. The internet has made our lives so much more convenient and exciting.

Cutting out the middle man and ordering directly from companies is the driving force that keeps everyone productive and stress free. At Luxury Cowhides we have fine quality cowhide rugs for sale online that will enhance your home design and inspire you. is our online store that service people all over the world. That is the beauty of the internet. No matter where our clients are located, our exotic rugs can be shipped to their door.

Each individual cow hide is carefully photographed and displayed online so that our customers can see each tiny detail, shape, and color. The one that is shown in the photograph is the real one that will be shipped to its destination. What you see is what you get. It has been such a joy serving our community as well as the world online.

fine quality cowhide rugs for sale online

The beauty of cow hide rugs

Cow hides are a natural beauty that has been admired by many for centuries. No two hides are identical, so they each bring their own color and style to the table. Because of its earthy colors and environmentally safe state, we do our best to keep that natural look and shape. At Luxury Cowhides, the colors range from gold brindle, longhorn brown, Hereford exotic, exotic brown, to imprinted gold and silver metallic.

The hair-on-hide rugs consist of complex designs that completely gives flight to one amazing cowhide rug experience. Our designer rug series are created with patches of cowhide giving the rug an eclectic quilt look. Each of our cow hide rugs are handpicked from the best tanners in South America.

The cow hide rug is so stylish and authentic that it is used for a multitude of things, not just for the floor. Any way that it is used will add class and spice to any plain room. Do not put limitations on how to display the rugs, because each rug is a piece of art in itself. It will motivate the owner to showcase its beauty in the best way possible.

Our Service department

fine quality cowhide rugs for sale onlineAt Luxury Cowhides we are dedicated to satisfying our loyal customers. Our well trained staff will work around the clock to cater to your needs and expectations. If there is any problem with orders please contact our service department immediately for further instructions on how to proceed. If it comes down to returning the product, we will do our best to rectify the matter as soon as possible.

We value our clients and keep them informed throughout our transaction. Our hours of operation are from 8:30am to 4:30pm eastern standard time, so feel free to call or email us during those hours so that our staff will be available to serve you better and efficiently.  We work diligently to make sure that all orders are safe and secure during shipping, so in order to give our customers our very best service, we only use UPS to handle all of our shipping needs.

They are the top shipping company in our opinion and will deliver on time and as safely as possible. We never use a third party that we don’t trust to handle our precious products. It is in our best interest to keep things as simple and easy as possible, so that our loyal customers will keep coming back. Thankfully, Luxury Cowhides have been a very thriving business and we plan to stay that way for years to come. This fact is all due to our amazing customers that love our cow hide rugs.