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Find The Right Exotic Cowhide For Your Room

The walls are painted warm, rich tones, the paintings hung with an eye for detail and the furniture placed at inviting angles.  A fire is crackling in the fireplace while the flickering flames dancing playfully amongst the fading rays of sunlight.  You are cozy and warm with your bare feet tucked under you as you enjoy an evening libation along with your favorite book, but it is not long before the wine, the words on the pages and the tender chimes of the grandfather clock gently tug at your eyes with sleepiness and your bed beckons.  You set your empty wine glass on the side table and slide your feet out to place them on the floor – only to suddenly be startled rudely awake by the unpleasant coldness of the tile floor.  And you abruptly realize with dismay…you forgot the finishing touch of a rug. 

Staying Grounded

Choosing a Quality Cowhide Rug 

Rugs serve a number of useful purposes in our homes, such as a place to stop mud and dirt from being tracked further into the home, as a means of protecting our floors from everyday wear and tear, as a touch of color or texture when decorating, or even more importantly, as a way to say “thank you” to our feet.  We at Luxury Cowhides remember how frequently our feet “put up” with us and so we work hard to make a rich and exotic cowhide rug of such fine quality that our feet will feel appreciated and cared for when they return home at the end of a long day.

 We are an online company who takes time to thoughtfully and carefully select the best cowhides from the top professional tanneries in South America, photographing each one for our website so that you can be assured of the print and color you are choosing when you purchase from us.  With our competitive prices, our excellent service and our quality rugs, we feel certain that your feet will thank you for thanking them with a cowhide rug.



Head In The Clouds

Cowhide Wall Hangings and More…

Our exotic cowhides are not only warm and inviting to your toes, but also eye-pleasing and soft to the touch for a multitude of ways in which you may want to use them while decorating your home.  They can be used as beautiful wall-hangings or draped over the couch to make a unique and artful statement to your room.  We can fashion them into throw pillows and even quality satchels, duffels and handbags! Furthermore, we also offer designer rugs cut to a traditional rectangular shape or cowhides made unique with animal print designs and even metallic renderings.

When it comes to our exotic cowhides and your creative ideas, the sky is the limit!  And lest you think that cowhides only work for those who are interested in a rustic or western décor, think twice!  Our sleek cowhides make a bold statement in modern décor with their mesmerizing patterns of elegant colors, contrasting shades and varying hues.  They add softness to hard lines while still offering a simple and clean appeal.  We always select a variety of colors and you can be sure that we will help you find the right exotic cowhide for your room.  Whether your style is antique, classic, vintage, eclectic or traditional, cowhides can add a natural touch of exquisite beauty to any designer’s palette, giving your home the perfect finishing touch.

Our 100% Brazilian cowhides are perfect for homes with young children or pets as they are stain resistant and easy to clean with only mild soap and water.  Additionally, these hypoallergenic rugs are not only durable under heavy traffic but still safe and gentle for the hands and knees of your little ones.  The luxury of our cowhides is that not only are they functional in all respects, but beautiful and unique, making the ambiance of your home unrivaled by any other and the envy of all of your friends.  With our one-of-a-kind cowhides and our quality service, we guarantee that you will become a satisfied customer with Luxury Cowhides as well as a happy owner of your own exotic touch of the outdoors in the comfort of your home.