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Exotic Cowhides In Home Décor

Using exotic cowhides in home décor has become a popular trend in recent times and Luxury Cowhides is an online business dedicated to bringing you exquisite products from the best tanneries in South America.  Our cowhides are 100% Brazilian and hand-picked to guarantee their quality as well as your satisfaction with a variety of colors and patterns to truly make your home unique and beautiful. But with words such as “exotic” and “luxurious” and “exquisite,” you might be wondering if a cowhide is truly worth the investment.  Can it meet your practical needs as well as functioning as an attractive center piece to any room in your home?  We would like to share with you a few of the reasons why we certainly think so!

The Beauty in the Beast

What Makes Cowhide Special?

While many homeowners want to return home at the end of the day to a pleasant space of rest and relaxation, more often than not, a top priority in many of our home choices will have to do with how well a selected item functions for its beauty and our needs.  Rugs, of course, are often chosen to go with a room’s color palette, but more than likely, they are ultimately selected to provide a soft play area for little ones, to add warmth to cold floors, to keep mud and dirt from getting tracked into the rest of the house or simply to absorb noisy echoes in a large, open space.  Furthermore, when you buy a rug you also want to know that the product you are purchasing can last through the wear and tear of everyday life

Cowhides are all of this and more.  When it comes to beauty, Luxury Cowhides provides you with a multitude of color choices as well as customized cowhides with animal prints or with metallic finishes.  As for function, cowhides are sleek, but soft and inviting as well as proven to be exceptionally durable for foot traffic and pet-friendly due to its very thick skin.  Yet, they are also pliable and can just as easily be used as a throw over your favorite chair as a rug on the floor.  One of the more pleasant benefits of choosing a cowhide for your home is that it is hypoallergenic and you can rest worry-free no matter who shares your home with you.

exotic cowhides in home décor

Taming the Beast 

How to Best Maintain Your Cowhide

By now you can see some of the advantages of investing in a cowhide for your home, but what does it take to maintain a cowhide?  This is important to know because this can be where you might find the hidden cost; however, cowhides are quite easy and affordable to maintain.  Our cowhides are stain resistant and if something does get spilled on your stylish purchase, it can simply be washed with mild soap and water in order to remove the offending substance.

Because of this, a cowhide rug may be the best solution for a baby room nursery or for your entry way or even for underneath your dining room table!  Even wine enthusiasts have testified as to the resilience of a cowhide rug after absorbing red wine when immediately addressed with soap and warm water!  Any rug investment can be costly, but it is essential to know that the product you choose will endure the less pleasant moments in life when not all goes according to plan and cowhides prove their value time and time again in this area!

Cowhides are versatile, adding a touch of natural beauty to your home while being easy to breathe and easy to care for, not too mention they repeatedly prove the truth behind the saying “tough as leather!”  Luxury Cowhides not only offers cowhides as rugs, but also as wall-hangings or customized to be made into throw pillows or a variety of bags.  We are pleased to offer you an exceptional choice for the décor and function of your home and your life and we guarantee that you will not only be pleased with your purchase, but you will have made a unique selection unlike any other!  Try a cowhide for yourself and find out why so many are enjoying this new trend in home design!