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Exotic Cow Hides For Sale Online

The Natural Beauty of Exotic Cow Hides for Sale by Luxury Cowhides

Truthfully, cowhide decor gets a bad reputation. Cows are beautiful animals with amazing variations in their colors and patterns, always reminiscent of a Western aesthetic and country-oriented sensibility. Cow hides are a natural and unavoidable byproduct of the food industry, with over 35 and a half million cattle processed for food in the United States in 2008 alone. It has long been a respectful or even sacred act to utilize the whole body of an animal used for food. In many places, it is considered disrespectful and wasteful not to do so. But cultural notions aside, isn’t that just common sense? Why let the beautiful patterns and textures of these animals go to waste?

Exotic cow hides for sale online at Luxury Cowhides offer the best in the stunning natural beauty of these hides, which make rich, stunning rugs and eye-catching throws or wall hangings. The amazing softness and authentic, earthy feel of cowhides make for beautiful, multipurpose pieces that honor and respect the life and spirit of the animals they come from. This more reverent, spiritual treatment of the animal helps accentuate the majesty of the mundane, making any environment feel more perfectly organic and alive.

The way that magical at-home feeling fills a room decorated by a gorgeous cowhide actually borders on exotic. To some, it may seem like an unnecessary, esoteric practice to use an animal for such a purpose when the luxury of modern society means that we don’t have to. Some people have become so accustomed to associating animal products with poaching or cruelty that they cannot understand the value of respecting the animals that are fairly and inevitably used for food. Well, hey—their loss, right?

Why Cow Hides for Sale Online May Be the Décor Solution for You

Versatile, durable, and managing to mix the domestic with the luxurious, exotic cow hide rugs for sale are the perfect room accent. It can be casual, modern, elegant, rustic, or a mixture, allowing it to be a fantastic staple amongst any usual décor. The raw, more organic look comes in part from the unique shapes the hide takes; from the ridged center line to the rough, almost “jagged” edges, the individual features of each hide are what bring the feeling of nature alive in a one-of-a-kind way.

Allergy problems? No problem. Cow hides are an amazingly stylish, traditional, and sturdy hypoallergenic alternative to other types of non-synthetic rugs and fabrics. Safe, clean, and surprisingly resistant to stains, the material resists trapping moisture, dust, or pollen, making it amazingly easy to care for and much healthier to have in the home than traditional materials. Cow hides also move very little on flooring from carpet to wood, making them a safe and rugged material choice with the natural grip on their leathery undersides.

What’s better than a timeless, beautiful rug that is pet-proof, kid-proof, and resistant to normal wear and tear? That’s why it’s better to think of cowhide as a lifestyle choice—because your life shouldn’t come at the expense of your style!

Exotic Cow Hides For Sale and More from

  • Natural cowhides:  top quality luxury hair-on cowhides sold individually at amazingly affordable prices every day.
  • Cowhide design rugs: beautiful, durable, and sophisticated one-of-a-kind rug designs made 100% all natural in multiple sizes and styles.
  • Dyed and decorated cowhides: available with metallic accents or animal print and in multiple colors, stunning designs are perfect as statement pieces and eye-catching accents.
  • Cowhide bags and pillows: soft, elegant pillows made of genuine cowhide available in multiple sizes; duffel bags, pouches, backpacks, and other cowhide bags at great prices.

Cow hides for sale online from Luxury Cowhides are treated with the utmost care and are personally hand-picked from the best tanneries in South America. Every individual hide is from a selection of unique, top quality hides and is individually photographed for display on Luxury Cowhides’ web page. That means what you see is always what you get.

Caring for Cow Hides from Luxury Cowhides

Caring for cowhide is often a factor that intimidates many potential buyers who are looking to decorate their home. The good news is, elbow grease and strong chemical cleaning products aren’t necessary. Whether you’re afraid that a hide rug in the dining room is a disaster waiting to happen or you just don’t think your kids could avoid wreaking havoc on it, there’s no need to worry.

The kinds of exotic cow hides for sale from Luxury Cowhides are naturally resistant to wear and staining. Think about it—it’s nature’s time-tested way of protecting an entire animal from the elements, so it makes sense that the foot traffic in your den won’t exactly ruin it. It merely illustrates something that humans have long resisted with their synthetic carpets and machine-made fabrics: nature simply does it better.

Cowhide is best treated like other rug, easily maintained with simple vacuuming or regularly shaking it outdoors. Rotating or moving the rug occasionally allows for more even wear, and any persistent spills or stains can almost always be taken care of with a damp washcloth wiped in the direction of the hair. Regular brushing with a hard, plastic brush can keep it soft, fluffy, and dust-free as well. Curling edges sometimes occur with cow hides, but can often be easily remedied by applying a steam iron, but be sure to keep a cloth between the iron and the hide.