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Exotic Cow Hide Rugs

Cowhide Rugs

Your floors are not the only things that can be covered by cowhide rugs. Just because it is a rug does not mean that it has to necessarily lie on the floor and be walked all over. These rugs are flexible in their function and decoration appeal. The cowhides that our rugs are made from will go with just about any style of décor you have within a room. In fact, has so many options for you to choose from that you can be able to choose the right one for the room you want to stand out.

Our rugs can be used for interior decorating and exterior decorating. Yes, we said exterior decorating. Cowhide rugs are so durable, not only can they tolerate heavy to little foot traffic, they can also be placed outside on benches, amongst seating, and on the floor of any gazebo or other small structure.

We provide so many colors that you will be able to find the perfect cowhide guaranteed. With variations of natural cowhides to metallic and animal printed hides you will, without a doubt, discover the best, most opulent rug to become a part of your design. It will become a piece of art and comfort in your household. Friends and family will cherish and enjoy it as much as you will. We know you will be satisfied with our 100% Brazilian quality rugs.

exotic cow hide rugs


Cowhides everywhere!

Stepping into your home and placing your feet onto a rug with soft Brazilian cow hair doesn’t have to be the only place you find comfort and beauty. Place the cowhide on the table. Remove that boring table cover or cloth and spread a cowhide across it; add a vase of flowers and candlesticks to create a truly luxurious focal point of the room. Invite guests over for a dinner party and let them delve into the luxury side of life. It’s not uncommon to hang a cloth flag or different cultured blankets on the wall for decoration. You can do exactly the same thing with a cowhide rug; spice up your plain walls with a gorgeous natural or exotic cow hide rugs.

It will become such an attractive piece of art in the room that people are sure to talk about for months. Cowhide can be used as an upholstery material for couch or chair cushions and for covering old pillows. However, you don’t have to permanently staple or sew the hides onto the cushions or pillows; you can simply throw a fantastic rug over the backsides of the chairs or couches. Even draping them over the front of a bench out in the backyard will create a nice, soft, and comfortable place to relax and enjoy a moment of peace.

Peace is most often found in the bedroom. It’s the place you lie down to relax, the place where you dream at night, and the place where you wake up to start your day. The bedroom is the most peaceful place you can find yourself in. Create more serenity by laying a cowhide across the bedspread to add texture and a soft feel to the room. Hang a cowhide rug over the headboard to hide its plain and boring appearance.

Another place where peace is found is in the bathroom; you shower and wash away the day that may have stressed you out and you relieve your body by using the toilet. Tranquility can be enhanced by placing a cowhide rug on the floor to create a warmth appeal to cool tile or hang it on the wall as an elegant art piece.The cowhides are durable and do well in damp conditions. Lastly a cowhide can go exactly where people think it can only go, the floor. Even if you don’t have wood flooring, cowhide rugs still go incredibly well with other rugs and carpeting; layers are exceptional and unique.

Cowhide rugs open so many possibilities for decorating a home that you just have to come check out the products we sell online at We hand pick each cowhide from the best tanneries located in South America. The best quality is picked just for your satisfaction; 100% Brazilian quality cowhides are what we’ve chosen to give to you at only the best competitive prices.