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Cowhide Rugs Store

Luxury Cowhide Rugs

When visiting a store in person, the company may only have a limited amount of product available at the store and you are solely responsible for transporting your new item home. Stores in person allow you to see a product in front of you and physically touch that item. All this sounds great, but you still have no idea what the product will look like in your home. When looking for a cowhide rugs store, it is a great idea to look for them online. Online shopping can provide you with many other options that a physical store cannot. 
Cowhide Rugs Store

Benefits of Luxury Cowhides Online Store

Our online store is the best to go to because we take pride in providing you with high quality service. It is important to get great customer service as well as great products. We are designed and dedicated to bring you fantastic quality service and products. When visiting our site and browsing through the selections, you will notice variations in colors and sizes. Our cowhide rugs are photographed and specially selected from South American tanneries to ensure you get the best quality. Each photograph can be zoomed in so that you can see each hair in detail on the rugs as well as the zigzag stitching we put into the rugs. 
We have an entire gallery of photos that capture shots of our cowhide rugs in a natural luxury home environment so that you can get a slight idea of what our rugs would look like inside of your home. These rugs are durable and stain resistant so there will be various photos with the rugs placed in locations you wouldn’t think they could go. Their versatility allows them to be able to be placed in heavy traffic areas as well as bathroom and outdoor locations. These rugs hold up well in damp conditions, so hanging them up on the wall or laying them on the floor within the bathroom will be a good location for design and comfort. wants to offer you various cowhides so you can find the perfect elegant rug to fit into your exquisitely decorated home. Cowhide rugs aren’t just for laying over your wood flooring or carpeted flooring. Our company provides to you various locations that you can proudly display your elegant cowhide rug. Create a beautiful centerpiece by laying a cowhide rug across a table and topping it with a vase full of flowers or top it with candles; we guarantee it will be highly enjoyed by anyone who sees it. Hang your cowhide on the wall as part of an art piece collection or cover up a plain and boring wall; this will make it a focal point of the room that is sure to grab the attention of anyone who walks in. Delve into cowhide upholstery by covering up old couch or chair cushions.
cowhide rugHowever, instead of permanently covering your cushions by means of stapling or sewing the cowhides on, you can simply drape the cowhide over the backsides of your couches and chairs both indoors and outdoors. Yes, we said outdoors. Again, because these Brazilian cowhides are so durable, they are able to be placed outside and withstand almost all weather. Bring an old headboard back to life by draping a cowhide rug over it or lay the cowhide rug on the bed to add more layers for sleeping at night; it’s a great way of keeping you warm when your at peace in bed at night.
Lay it on all types of flooring including wood floors, carpeted floors, and floors with other rugs; layering is a great way of making an elaborate and bold statement. Lastly hanging a cowhide rug up on the wall of the bathroom is a way of adding a rustic look to a serene area of your home. 
Luxury Cowhides shows you places to put your rugs and provides photos for your to view and get ideas how your future rug may look inside of your old style or modern luxury home. We succeed in your pleasure from our products and service; our company is proud to do what we do and happy to help you with anything you may require.