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Cowhide Rugs Are Making Their Comeback

When was the first time that you saw a cowhide rug? Probably in a log
cabin up in the mountains while it laid on the floor by a crackling fireplace. Possibly seeing one in a western show or movie placed on a wall as a decoration. Maybe a family member or friend may have had one in their home some years ago. Either of these ways that you may have seen one at first, you probably remember that they kind of looked the same. Usually just the traditional color of a dark brown perhaps, maybe even a black, there was no uniqueness. If you haven't seen cowhides today, you may be in a big surprise. These rugs have made their comeback, but long from the traditional styles that you remember. Now, you can find that these rugs have their own unique styles that can create a new look for your space. Not convinced that they can fit into your home, then keep reading.

Accent to a Drab Room

Cowhide rugs for sale have a natural colors, individual style and you will love how they can make your space feel. Sometimes a room can get a bit boring, but usually just adding small section of color or adding an extra accessory to the room can make a big difference. For instance, if you have a dark wood floor, you can add a white cowhide rug as it will stand out against the dark color, making the room feel a little more open and inviting. These rugs have character to them with their sizes and markings making each one individual. When you add one to a room, it can make the entire space stunning.


Choosing a High Quality Cowhide Rug

When choosing cow hide rugs for sale, be sure that they are of highest quality. One of these rugs should not start to crack or shed. The back of the rug should be soft and supple as compared to lower quality ones that are stiff and have a sandpaper like feel. Also the hide itself should be between 1/8 inch to ¼ inch thick and not flimsy and thin. A high quality rug will give you more value for your money and will last for a long time.


Maintaining Your Cowhide Rug

Maintaining and keeping your cowhide rug clean is quite simple. The rug should be regularly vacuumed to remove any dirt and allergens. It can be spot cleaned with a damp cloth only and not machined washed. If there should be any spills, they should be absorbed with with paper towels, blotting the spills instead of rubbing the rug. A damp cloth with a mild detergent can be used to remove the spills also. Regular cleaning should keep the rug looking good throughout the years.


Not Just for the Home

The floor of the home is not the only thing a cowhide can be used for as decoration. You can even have the look be on a pillow if you just want a small touch or you can have it added to a notebook carrier or tablet pouch to keep the look with you. If these factors have given you some thought to look into these rugs further, then Luxury Cowhides can be of service. We offer cowhide rug for sale online that are hand picked, are high quality and a modern one of a kind collection. Not only do we provide you with a unique look of hide, but we also give unique customer service for our clients. We want to add comfort, beauty and elegance to your home décor.