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Cow Hide Rugs For Sale Online

Great Cowhide Rugs Just a Few Clicks Away

Cowhide rugs are well-known for adding a bit of rustic charm and Western flair to a comfortable room. An affordable rug choice, a cowhide rug will last for several years. You won’t have to worry about an exotic cow hide rug losing its vibrant colors. Your cow hide rug will always make your room a place you can feel proud to call your own.

Cow hide rugs are perfect in any setting:

  • Bedroom
  • Living room
  • Patio
  • Play room
  • Office
  • Lobby
  • Commercial Building

One of the best benefits of cowhide rugs for sale is that the possibilities for decorators are endless. You aren’t limited to the standard white cow with big black spots. Exotic cowhides come in many shades of white, cream, brown and black. No

 two hides are alike, so you can find a pattern or shade that perfectly matches the look of the room. You will be surprised by the amount of vibrant colors that are available!

Create a Natural Look with a Cow Hide Rugs Store

Cow hide rugs stores excel at creating natural looks that blend perfectly with home décor. Their cow hide rugs for sale will quickly become the highlight of the room, attracting plenty of attention. The sophisticated styles add a touch of rustic flair, class and charm to the room they are placed in. This creates a look that anyone can appreciate.

Cows naturally have different patterns and shades. While dying the cowhide rug for sale online is an option, many people choose to keep the colors natural. High quality exotic rugs are all one-of-a-kind. Even in rooms that have heavy traffic, you don’t need to worry about your natural look fading.

Choose the Perfect Cowhide Rugs

Because a rug is often the finishing touch of the room, the selection process is often one of the hardest steps for a first time buyer. There are huge differences in price, and new buyers may think that the most expensive one is best. The truth is that price reflects the overall quality, pattern and shape. Not all cheap cow hide rugs for sale are discounted because they are damaged, and all expensive rugs are not high priced because they are rare.

In general, only about one percent of cow hides are added to an online store. These rugs need to be of exceptional quality, be perfectly symmetrical and have vibrant colors in order to be considered a luxury item.

In terms of color, it is important to remember the natural patterns of a cow. While there are multiple shades and patterns, most cows have the majority of their color in the spine area. The tip of the spine may have a slightly lighter or darker color than the rest of the hide. It is also normal for the tips of the hide to be a solid color, usually white to contrast the rich browns and blacks.

Find Cowhide Rug for Sale Online

Luxury Cowhide offers a variety of cow hide rugs for sale online. Their dedication to only allowing top quality hides in their inventory will help you narrow down your search. Using their detailed pictures, you will be able to inspect and select the best available hides. The cow hide rugs store also offers exceptional customer service and fast shipping.

Create a natural look with the help of cowhide rug for sale online. You will be surprised by the number of options you have available and how much they can make a difference in your room. Contact Luxury Cowhide today to learn more about how to get the rug of your dreams.