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Best Exotic Cow Hides for Sale

Whether your décor is rustic, country chic, or modern, cowhide products enhance any room and make a definite statement.  Cowhides are a natural byproduct of the beef industry, and are used to make belts, purses, boots, and other leather products we are familiar with, but for a stylish twist add some hair on-cowhide to your home. 

Floors with Flare

Whether your preference is hardwood floors or carpet, an exotic cowhide rug will be a statement piece.  Whether your preference is an understated piece that blends with, and enhances your design, or one that is the centerpiece on which the entire room revolves, we are sure you will agree that a cowhide rug is the piece that makes the room. 

Beautiful and Easy Care

Despite what you might think, cowhide is stain resistant and durable.  Cowhides are perfect for family rooms, entrance halls, dining rooms, and even the bathroom for a western twist on bathroom décor.  Spills come up easily, due to the natural oils which repel liquid – just blot with a paper towel to absorb the moisture.  If the stain is a bit more persistent, work with a damp cloth.  For tougher stains, use a small amount of mild dish soap and a scrub brush. 

Best Exotic Cow Hides for Sale


Cowhide is very durable and, unlike other animal hair/fur, the hairs lie flat; therefore, they do not trap dust and allergens.  Since cowhide is a natural material, and the curing, or tanning, process does not use chemicals, there is no chemical smell and it is safer for kids and pets that might be playing directly on the rug.  Cowhide rugs also do well on hard floors, such as tile or wood, and due to the natural texture on the back of the hide, they have enough grip to stay in one place. 

Take a Walk on the Wild Side

Zebra is a popular décor pattern, and you can get the look with a cowhide dyed to look like zebra skin.  You can choose from black stripes on off white, beige stripes on off white, black stripes on beige, or brown stripes on beige.  If zebra is not your style, how about a tiger skin rug?  You can choose a tiger pattern on camel colored hide.  We also offer jaguar, cheetah, and giraffe.  From beautiful and understated in light colors to the bold looks of Hereford and Exotic Brindle, you can go as wild or as mild as you like.  Any of these are guaranteed to be a conversation starter, starting with, “Where did you get that?”  You can tell them you got in on safari, we won’t tell. 

More than Floor

If you want to get up off the floor, go ahead!  Cowhide rugs make wonderful, striking wall hangings, too.  Many beds do not come with a head board, just the frame.  There are many design and decorating possibilities for that space.  Why not hang a beautiful cowhide behind your bed for a pop of color?  Or use your cowhide rug to create an accent wall in any room – alone or as a back drop, it’s sure to stand out.

Start Small

If a cowhide rug is a big decorating leap, why not start small and work your way up?  We offer two types of beautiful cowhide pillows.  Choose from animal print designs or natural cowhide in several colors, with natural hair on one side and gorgeous natural leather on the back side. 

Idea Gallery

We are sure your mind is exploring all the possibilities of decorating with cowhide, but if you need some ideas to get you started, browse our gallery of ideas on our website.  We look forward to serving you.  If you have any questions, feel free to fill out our contact form on our website.  We are glad to help.  Welcome to the world of decoration with natural, hair-on cowhide.