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Beautiful Exotic Cow Hides For Sale

Cow hide products have some pretty awesome advantages. Designers love them due to their fantastic eye-catching appeal; families love them for their durable and stain-resistant qualities. We'll delve into a few reasons why cow hides are increasingly used in living rooms, kitchens, and bedrooms across the country.

Cow Hides Are Stain-Resistant

Parents of children and pets absolutely love this quality about cow hide rugs. You can place one in the foyer, the mud room, or the kitchen. No matter how many bowls of milk and Cheerios are spilled on it, your cow hide rug won't stain. You'll still have a beautiful exotic cow hide rug that guests will fawn over.

Other cow hide products, such as notebook carriers and tablet pouches, have the same quality. Check out exotic cow hides for sale that have been shaped into durable, useful pouches and purses for the latest technology. While your last laptop carrier accidentally had coffee spilled all over it, and was covered in chocolate stains from that messy trip to Baskin Robbins, cow hide products won't stain. That way, you're investing in a professional-looking carrier that can keep up with your busy life- including all the food you can throw at it.

Cow hides are also incredibly durable. When you're buying an exotic cow hide rug or purse, you're making an investment in a product that will last a very long time. There's a reason that Grandma's leather saddle is still a family heirloom, while your cheap Target carpet will likely only last a few years. The durability of cow hides makes them ideal for producing items that receive high wear and tear.

beautiful exotic cow hides for sale

Cow Hides Add Texture

Any interior designer can tell you that texture is incredibly important when designing a room. You can pick out your color palette and match your throw rugs with your art, but you need a pop of texture to liven things up. If the headline "Exotic cow hides for sale" caught your eye, you've already been thinking about a natural product to spice up the room.

Texture, such as a cow hide rug, provides a necessary contrast with items such as framed artwork and soft couches. Without the addition of texture, you're essentially creating a flat, plain room. The colors may match, but the room will feel lifeless and sterile. The texture provided by exotic cow hides, in the form of rugs and throw pillows, will really liven up the space.

Cow Hides Create An Eclectic, Softening Feel

You may think that designers focusing on old-timey farmhouse decor would be most likely to use cow hides. But the designers who use them the most are modernists, typically decorating small studios or walk-ups in Brooklyn or Los Angeles. The slightly uneven, soft texture of cow hides helps soften up the jutting modernist angles of square furniture.

If your house has more of a modernist midcentury feel, consider adding cow hides to soften up the harsh lines. It'll also create more of a whimsical, eclectic, and comforting space. Numerous modernist designers have begun using cow hides and other natural textures to break up the monotonous straight lines of a room. Cow hides were recently featured in the popular Apartment Therapy blog, a home decorating site for young adults living in cities. If you have a small modernist space, start combing the Web for beautiful exotic cow hides for sale. It could give your small living room a unique, textured kick that draws the eye and softens the lines.

The use of natural textures in interior design is quickly becoming popular among the younger generation. These include cow hides, rough terracotta pots, and textured plants that provide a more natural feel to a space. While young adults might have to live in small walk-ups, they can still invite Nature into their houses with items like cow hide rugs, pillows, and notebook carriers.

The trend isn't just for the young crowd, either. Many people, no matter what age, recognize the durability and classic taste of exotic cow hides in a room. Whether you grew up in cattle country and are feeling nostalgic, or you simply want to add a pop of softening texture to a room, start looking for exotic cow hides for sale. Check out both local and national websites that can help you find great cow hide products to spice up your living space.