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Cowhide Rugs - Rustic Decor

Going Rustic with the Cowhide Rug

cowhide rugAre you thinking of changing the interior of your home? Are the changes going to be a bit dramatic? Well, even if they are not, you should still consider incorporating a cowhide rug or two into your new design, and with good reason. There are some who might think such a rug is a bit on the ‘western’ or ‘country’ side, and we cannot argue that it does have its roots in the more rustic environments. This, however, does not mean that you cannot enjoy such rugs in your home. Even with the most modern of interior, you can still add that little something, and create an interior that you can ultimately be proud of.


Different Sizes for Different Places

Before you rush out and purchase any cow hide rugs, you will want to ensure that you get the right rug for the right job. There are several different sizes available, and you will want to measure the area in which you plan to place your rug before you buy one. Once you have a good measurement, you will be ready to take the next step, which is searching for a cowhide rug for sale online.

The Search

As you seek out cowhide rugs for sale you will probably want to make sure you know the different types. Aside from the different sizes there are also different types of patterns to consider. The Holstein is obviously the most popular, and it is what people think of when they imagine a cow skin rug. It is the quintessential black and white spotted surface, and as far as cow hide rugs are concerned, it looks incredible on the floor.

You might, however, want to consider something a bit different when you are looking for cow hide rugs for sale. For example, the brindle coat is still quite popular and tends to fit in with just about anything. The Holstein, in contrast, needs a very specific setting if it going to thrive.

There are many other types of cowhide rugs for sale of course, and you may even find that the patchwork model is actually to your liking. Patchwork cow hides are sewn together to create a masterpiece, giving you a more customized experience for your home, your office, or even your bedroom.

Where it Belongs

As with anything else, there is some serious debate as to where the cow hide rug belongs, and this is mostly because of the rustic nature. To be perfectly honest, we have been hard pressed to find a place where it DOESN’T belong. You would be utterly amazed at how well a cow hide rug can fit into and adapt to any room regardless of your setup. In fact, a cowhide rug can actually fit quite nicely into a modern setting! All you need to do is imagine, and before you know it, you’ll have exactly what you need.

Buying Online

When it comes to cow hide rug for sale online, you will be quite happy to find that buying online is the best possible option. Why? There are a few reasons, the first of which is stock. If you were to go to a typical brick and mortar store on the search for cowhide rugs you would probably discover that the stock is very limited and also much more expensive than any online store.

This of course is simply because of the overhead that brick and mortar stores face, as well as their lack of inventory space. When you buy online the store will be using the website as their showroom and a warehouse for their inventory space. This means your choices are nearly unlimited, and a good cow hide rugs store will be able to provide you with anything you happen to want.

The Price of Hide

So how much does it cost? One of the biggest concerns among those who want to buy cow hide is the overall cost, and you would be right to say that it is not cheap. What you would be wrong in saying however, is that it is not affordable. Believe it or not, most cow hide stores do not charge an a leg, even though they do make a somewhat decent profit.

In general, you would find yourself paying somewhere around $300 to $600 depending upon the color and of course the size. Keep in mind however that you want to shop around and examine all of your different options before you choose one particular store. There are lots out there, and you don’t want to overpay. In addition to that, you do not want to pay good money for a faux cow hide if you are wanting the genuine article.

Faux Cow Hides

cow hide rugs for saleIf you don’t relish the idea of a cow idea of a cow hide in your home but still want the aesthetic, then one can hardly blame you. There are faux cow hides out there, or rather fake cow hides that closely resemble the real thing.There are however several benefits to the faux cow hide. For example, because it was not taken from a real cow, you do not  have to worry about the pattern being bound to any particular natural order. In fact, you may even be able to order custom faux cowhides to meet your taste. 

As you look around your home, you may be spotting several great places to deploy a cow hide rug, and you can be rest assured that if you find the right rug for the right room, you will not regret your purchase. It is a beautiful addition to any home and you may even find that you want to place one in more than one room. When it comes to natural beauty such as cow hide, you really cannot stop with just one! Keep going until you find the balance you are looking for, and make sure you buy at the right price.

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