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Taking Care of your Luxury Cowhide Rug

1. Simply vacuum the cowhide depending on traffic and soiling. We recommend placing your rug in low traffic areas for longer durability. Periodic rotation is suggested.

2. For spills such as ketchup, sodas, etc. use a sponge with mild soap and little water. Then dry out with a clean cloth.

3. If in any case your hide suffers a deep water soak, drape outside in a shaded breeze area without exposing it directly to the sun.

4. Dyed and Printed Cowhides: vacuum ONLY. Do not use water as it might spread the dye floor chemical treatment or certain cleansers such as waxes may shed the dye on your floors.

5. Definitely DO NOT use any WASHING MACHINE cycle or DRY CLEANING with your cowhide rug.