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Exotic Cowhides

Decorating with Exotic Cow Hides for Sale Online

Decorating with cow hides has become a popular practice in interior design. Cowhide rugs seem to be the most popular pieces, and finding cow hides for sale online is becoming easier and easier. If you have not considered a cowhide rug for your interior spaces because you thought it could not possibly fit with your décor choice, think again. These rugs come in an array of colors and patterns to fit almost any decorating scheme from neutral to the most eclectic, so take a look at some of the suggestions below to discover how cow hide can enhance your home’s décor.

Exotic Cow Hides for Sale – Not just a Rustic Touch

Because exotic cow hides for sale come in so many colors and patterns, they can be used almost anywhere to enhance the current décor or become the centerpiece of a room. It doesn’t matter whether the room is rustic or eclectic, cow hides coordinate perfectly. Here are some suggestions for how to use cow hide rugs in your home.

    1. Cowhides are stain-resistant by nature so they make a great floor covering in high-traffic areas or in homes with small children.
    2. Exotic cow hides for sale can jazz up a neutrally-colored room by adding a touch of color or pattern that draws the eye to become the focal point of the room.
    3. Add a cow hide rug under the kitchen table to reinvent the look and feel of the room. Because it is stain resistant, it makes a great area rug in this room.
    4. Combine different textures in a room – Soft, velvety furniture pairs well with the natural ruggedness of cowhide to create quite a statement in a living room.
    5. An exotic cowhide will soften the harsh lines of midcentury modern furniture and décor.
    6. Dark hardwood floors look great when contrasted with a light-colored cowhide rug.
    7. If you have pets, cow hide is exceptionally durable, long-lasting and provides a nice, comfy place for Fido to lay.
    8. Mix and match traditional décor with exotic cow hides for an eclectic feel in any room.
    9. Add a cow hide rug to a modern baby nursery to soften the look and feel of the room.
    10. Highlight a cowhide rug with a glass-top coffee table to showcase the piece’s unique pattern.


Cow Hides for sale Online

You can find cow hides for sale online at  All rugs and other cowhide products on this site are hand-picked from the best tanneries in South America. Providing high-quality, one-of-a-kind cow hide pieces is our top priority. Shop our online store for a cowhide rug that is sure to become your most favorite piece in your home.